The Sinus Doctor — The Sinus Infection Discovery Candid Review — Top Recommendation

Are you search­ing Google for sinus infec­tion and you want to know of a safe, easy and per­manant solu­tion? We have tested close to a dozen guides & solu­tions across the web, and these top 3 did seem to have the best response from most peo­ple (it’s also very cheap and easy to follow).

Take your time to read through our reviews on the bot­tom when pick­ing up a guide. We hope that these unbi­ased and inde­pen­dant reviews will help you make an informed deci­sion on which solu­tions to choose from.

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Prod­uct Overview:

The Sinus Doc­tor Treat­ment is a sinus cure dis­cov­ered by Joe John­son who was a chronic sinus suf­ferer. With years of metic­u­lous study and research he dis­cov­ered three plant extracts that he claims will give sinus relief in just 3 days. Joe John­son claims that his nat­ural rem­edy will per­ma­nently cure about 90% of your sinus pain and con­ges­tion. He also guar­an­tees that you can start to see results after using this treat­ment just twice.

The sinus doc­tor treat­ment is an all nat­ural rem­edy obtained from plant extracts. Joe fur­ther claims that with con­tin­ued use his rem­edy will destroy all the symp­toms of any kind of sinus infec­tion, includ­ing severe sinus infec­tion that needs sur­gi­cal solu­tions. This rem­edy is fast act­ing and improves your gen­eral health as it heals your sinus infec­tion per­ma­nently with­out any side effects.


Actual Con­sumer Feedback:

Well .… I am amazed, aston­ished and astounded by its results and I have only been using for 3 days.…I have told friends and even given a 3-day sup­ply to a friend whom I hope this will also clear her nose too. To this end, I am eter­nally grate­ful to you guys for mak­ing me be able to breathe again and this week I will be able to go on hol­i­day and able to enjoy it.

(Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from

I bought your ‘New Break­through Sinus Infec­tion Relief Treat­ment Hand­book’ pack­age just last week and I had to drop you a line to say Wow! Just as I was watch­ing my Sinusi­tis come back again, you came along and saved me. I fol­lowed your sim­ple advice and after only three hours I could feel the dif­fer­ence. After seven days it’s all but gone. Thanks for a fan­tas­tic product!”

(Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from

Seri­ously — this stuff TOTALLY blows away any­thing sim­i­lar to it, and I can tell you right now — using your sim­ple treat­ment (& the con­cepts within using them), inte­grated into my life, I fully expect to be the health­i­est I have ever been in my whole life! “Incred­i­ble” is a gross under­state­ment, Joseph! I can’t thank you enough for this!”

(Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from


Com­pany Infor­ma­tion: Full­point Health Prod­ucts


Pres­i­dent: Joe John­son.




Com­pany Web­site:


Price: $92


Money Back Guar­an­tee: 90 day 100% risk free money back guarantee.


Bonuses: You will also get the fol­low­ing for free when you pur­chase the prod­uct  for a lim­ited time.

  1. How To Use Sinus Doc­tor (Video Value $47)
  2. Mother Natures Most Pow­er­ful Antibi­otics (Video Value $47)
  3. How To Pro­tect You and Your Fam­ily From Coughs, Colds and Flu– And Get A Great Nights Sleep! (Video Value $47)
  4. Health-The Secret Of Happiness(Value $37)
  5. 365 Daily Suc­cess Quotes(Value $37)
  6. Look Great– Feel Great (Value $ 37)
  7. Orig­i­nal Break­through Sinus Relief Man­ual (Value $45)
  8. Sinus Doc­tor Treatment
  9. 3 Sinus Secrets Videos Package
  10. 3 Health Reports
  11. The authors Inter­na­tional Best Sell­ing Sinus Infec­tion Dis­cov­ery e-book

Total Value $327.00


Star Rat­ing: 4stars-yellow


Ver­dict: The Sinus Doc­tor Treat­ment is a fairly new all nat­ural rem­edy obtained from plant extracts that gives per­ma­nent relief to chronic sinus infec­tion. Though the claims for cure in just 3 days seems far-fetched, there is no harm in try­ing the rem­edy as it is free from side effects and comes backed up with a money back guarantee.


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Sinus Doctor Joe Johnson a Scam? Check out the truth now…

Is Sinus Doc­tor a Scam?

Joe John­son, a Sinus Researcher at Full­point health, has been study­ing the mal­ady of sinusi­tis since he was per­son­ally afflicted with it at the age of twelve.  He has researched alter­na­tive med­i­cines for over twenty years, and has tested and eval­u­ated a num­ber of dif­fer­ent prod­ucts on the mar­ket for their authenticity.sinus doctor scam

Many prod­ucts out there will claim that they will cure your sinus prob­lems, and if you suf­fer from this prob­lem you know very well why you would be search­ing for a cure.  The unbear­able symp­toms of headaches, facial pain, post-nasal drip and cough, chills, jaw pain, bad breath and oth­ers can make liv­ing daily rou­tine seem almost impossible.

A Sinus Researcher

Joe John­son is not a sinus doc­tor, but rather, a sinus researcher who has devel­oped a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new prod­uct that promises to relieve those unbear­able symp­toms almost immediately.

Many peo­ple who only believe that con­ven­tional med­i­cine is the way to go, may be think­ing, is this a scam?

Does Sinus Doc­tor really work?

Sinus Doc­tor is not a scam.

Real Prod­uct

It is a real prod­uct that has helped thou­sands of real peo­ple just like you.  When you take over the counter or pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions to relieve sinus pres­sure, you may be greeted by a plethora of unwanted side effects.  The won­der­ful aspect about using alter­na­tive ther­a­pies is that your chance for hav­ing side effects are greatly reduced, help­ing you to feel bet­ter much faster.

Risk Free Guarantee

Sinus Doc­tor offers a 100% Risk Free Sat­is­fac­tion Guar­an­tee for all cus­tomers.  This 90 day guar­an­tee will refund your money in full if this prod­uct does not deliver the relief that it promises.  How­ever, based on the real life tes­ti­mo­ni­als of hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent cus­tomers, this prod­uct has worked for them, and it will work for you as well.

Alter­na­tive Treatment

Research and devel­op­ment have come a long way in the lines of alter­na­tive med­i­cines.  Con­ven­tional doc­tors don’t rec­om­mend many of these prod­ucts, because it ends up cost­ing them money when they work effec­tively.  If you are not sick, you will not see a doc­tor, and they will not be able to pay back their exten­sive stu­dent loans.  But, for those who are truly com­mit­ted to the field, such as Joe John­son, the only ben­e­fit that they gain is know­ing they have truly helped thou­sands of peo­ple who suf­fer from these com­mon maladies.

Sinusi­tis is one of the most com­mon ill­nesses for peo­ple with aller­gies and nasal pas­sage issues.  A sinus infec­tion that keeps com­ing back is a def­i­nite sign that  you may be one of the many inflicted with this uncom­fort­able inflic­tion.  Do you really want to take med­ica­tions that will make you feel sleepy or give you other unpleas­ant side effects?  Or would you rather know that hun­dreds of peo­ple have tried this prod­uct, it has worked, and it does not pro­duce unwanted issues.

Final Ver­dict?

Sinus Doc­tor is not a scam.  It is a true solu­tion for those who are look­ing for an alter­na­tive way to clear their sinusi­tis up with­out hav­ing to take large and con­sis­tent dosages of med­ica­tion.  Joe John­son has been study­ing this for over twenty years, let his exper­tise ease your suffering.

For more details, click here for a full review of what he has to offer…


Sinus Infection Cure Review – (Website is currently Down)

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Prod­uct Overview:

The Sinus Infec­tion Cure is a sinus relief pro­gram writ­ten by James Kennedy. This pro­gram gives nat­ural solu­tion to com­pletely erad­i­cate the sinus prob­lem in just 24 hours. It gives you a step-by-step plan that explains the recipe, ingre­di­ents and how to use them at home to cure your sinus pain. The recipe con­tains just 4 eas­ily avail­able ingre­di­ents that have to be mixed and used exactly as instructed to dis­solve the sinus con­ges­tion and destroy the sinus infection.

The pro­gram is a result of exhaus­tive research and test­ing by the author who was a chronic sinusi­tis suf­ferer. The reme­dies are gen­tle, nat­ural and address the root cause of the prob­lem for a per­ma­nent cure. The prod­uct is free from side effects and you can slowly cut down the use of antibi­otics and other med­ica­tions once you fol­low this all nat­ural rem­edy for a per­ma­nent relief from sinus infection.


Actual Con­sumer Feedback:

    • The relief is amaz­ing. Not only have I been free from sinus infec­tions since I started the pro­gram, but the main­te­nance pro­gram has reduced the inflam­ma­tion in my nasal pas­sages over the few months I have been using it. I am espe­cially pleased since my doc­tor said I would have to have surgery to cor­rect that. I have not had to use antibi­otics (or even thought about them) since I started your plan.
      (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from


    • I used this prod­uct called The Sinus Infec­tion Cure. I remem­ber very vividly — I got the pro­gram on a Fri­day after­noon. I fol­lowed the instruc­tions, and wouldn’t you know MY SINUS INFECTION SYMPTOMS were com­pletely gone by Sat­ur­day morn­ing! I have rec­om­mended this pro­gram to every­one I know. I highly sug­gest that if you are suf­fer­ing from chronic sinus infec­tions, then you really need to con­sider this.
      (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from


    • Insan­ity is doing the same thing over and over and expect­ing dif­fer­ent results. Thanks to your plan my sinus headaches are com­pletely gone with­out any med­ica­tion and I am breath­ing nor­mally through my nose as I write this let­ter!
      (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from


Com­pany Infor­ma­tion:Email: (Web­site is cur­rently down)


Com­pany Web­site: (Web­site is cur­rently down)


Price: Orig­i­nal price is $67, but with lim­ited time spe­cial offer you pay only $47.


Money Back Guar­an­tee: 60 day 100% risk free money back guarantee.


Bonus: You get the fol­low­ing for free when you pur­chase The 24 Hour Sinus Breakthrough”.

  1. The Ulti­mate Star­bucks Recipes Book (Value $28)
  2. The Secrets To Healthy Sleep (Value $39)
  3. Back Pain Relief Secrets (Value $20 )


Star Rat­ing: 4stars-yellow



Backed up by exten­sive researches from the Mayo Clinic, The Sinus Infec­tion Cure is a sci­en­tif­i­cally proven process that can com­pletely erad­i­cate the most chronic sinus infec­tion and also relieves con­ges­tion, cough sore throat, pain and stuffiness.

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Killsinus Sinus Infection Relief by Toni B. Review – Recommendation

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Prod­uct Overview: KillSi­nus is an e-book writ­ten by Tony.B that con­tains sim­ple and effec­tive reme­dies to cure sinus pain, headaches, bad breadth, facial pain and sore throat with­out using nasal sprays or other such med­ica­tions. This e-book is a com­pi­la­tion of his sinus treat­ment meth­ods result­ing from exhaus­tive sci­en­tific research and per­sonal sinusi­tis expe­ri­ences of the author.

The reme­dies are sim­ple, prac­ti­cal and can be fol­lowed with­out the guid­ance of a physi­cian to cure sinus prob­lems com­pletely. The reme­dies have been tried out suc­cess­fully by the author him­self who was a chronic sinusi­tis patient. The treat­ment meth­ods described in the e-book are nat­ural, easy to use and are 100% safe with no side effects. The author promises that your life will undergo a per­ma­nent sea change after imple­ment­ing his meth­ods to cure your sinusi­tis permanently.

Actual Con­sumer Feedback:

  • I had found a solu­tion to my years of sinusi­tis agony and pain. It (KillSi­nus) was a bar­gain hunt, after wast­ing pre­cious time and my money. Now I would like to tell all Sinus Suf­fer­ers, if they seri­ously want to cure their sinusi­tis then I would strongly rec­om­mend you these reme­dies. I truly felt that reme­dies in this e-book should be with every sin­gle sinusi­tis suf­ferer. (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from
  • I found this ebook (KillSi­nus) to be the most informed, prac­ti­cal and afford­able for my sinus prob­lem. It’s almost 4 months, my sinus has improved a great deal! (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from
  • With KillSi­nus you no longer have to go to doc­tor s offices and give them a chance to keep billing you! You don t have to worry about going through surgery to get rid of the mucus that keeps build­ing up in your sys­tem! What are you wait­ing for? Through KillSi­nus you can tri­umphantly tell your sinus mon­ster, Vic­tory shall be mine ! (Actual por­tion of user tes­ti­mo­nial taken from

Com­pany Infor­ma­tion: Copy­right 2008 Kill Sinus Nat­ural Treat­ment For Sinus. Email:

Com­pany Web­site:

Price: $45.99

Star Rat­ing: 45stars-yellow

Ver­dict: Based on exten­sive research and over­all con­sumer response, KillSi­nus is an e-book which con­tains use­ful, nat­ural reme­dies that gives effec­tive and per­ma­nent solu­tions for chronic sinus suf­fer­ers at an afford­able price.

killsinus sinus infection cure homepage

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Nasal Irrigation Can Help Keep Sinuses Cavities Clear Of Mucus and Other Irritants [News Release]

Any per­son who has to deal with chronic sinus infec­tions under­stands when one is start­ing to strike… just by know­ing the warn­ing signs of the con­di­tion.  Bay­lor Col­lege of Med­i­cine doc­tors said know­ing the warn­ing signs means know­ing when to use pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures like nasal irri­ga­tion. These pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures will decrease the symp­toms or keep the infec­tion from becom­ing worse.irrigation of nasal sinus infection

What is nasal irri­ga­tion? It’s the cleans­ing of the nasal cav­ity using ster­ile salt water to rinse out any debris or mucus from the nose and sinus cavity.

Accord­ing to Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor of Oto­laryn­gol­ogy at BCM Dr. Mas Takashima, peo­ple become sus­cep­ti­ble to sinus infec­tions if they’ve recently suf­fered with a cold or flu or have aller­gies. These things will cause the nasal pas­sages to become swollen and inflamed, which makes them that much more likely to attain a viral or bac­te­r­ial infection.

To keep mois­ture in the nose, flush­ing it out with salt­wa­ter can help the sinuses func­tion right and elim­i­nate thick mucus debris that’s block­ing them. The salt has the capa­bil­ity to bring mois­ture out from these tis­sues so the mucosa will reduce in sign, which enables a per­son to breathe eas­ier.  Plus, salt has the nat­ural antibac­te­r­ial prop­er­ties along with the abil­ity to com­bat infections.

Takashima said folks tend to believe that vit­a­min C will keep them from get­ting an infec­tion. How­ever, there is no proof that using vit­a­min C works. Nasal irri­ga­tion can eas­ily be done at home and is very beneficial.

There are other home reme­dies out there that have not been effec­tive in keep­ing sinus infec­tion at bay: gar­lic, lysine and Echi­nacea.  Takashima said many believed those reme­dies have helped them; but, a per­son can wash their hands on a reg­u­lar basis and make a big­ger difference.

He said humans carry germs on their hands and, by keep­ing them clean, you decrease the chance of spread­ing the bac­te­ria to the sen­si­tive nasal pas­sages. Takashima said any per­son suf­fer­ing from a sinus infec­tion should see a spe­cial­ist before start­ing a home rem­edy regimen.


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