Can You Treat Sinus Infection Without Antibiotics?

Tackling a sinus infection without antibiotics seems to be a better alternative today. Using antibiotics just doesn’t seem to cut it for most people due to the fact of bacteria’s resilience and adaptability to almost anything we can throw at it.antibiotics for sinus infection

The situation is like the common cold; there can be no one single cure for it because of the rate at which bacteria can evolve. Each time a person catches a cold from someone else, it has already developed into a completely different strain of bacteria than it was when infesting the previous host.

For this reason alone, treating a sinus infection without antibiotics is just a more logical approach. Once we have decided to treat a sinus infection without antibiotics, we need to come up with a better solution. In order to get a firm grip on this most slippery of opponents, we should focus not so much on the direct killing of bacteria because there is no one-size-fits-all means of doing so.

What we need to focus on is finding what the most common denominator would be to eliminate any and all bacteria involved. That factor would be the environment in which they can thrive. Alter the environment, and the bacteria will find it impossible to survive. In this way, we can begin to effectively start treating a sinus infection without antibiotics. The sad fact, most (if not all) prescription medications (such as antibiotics) and over the counter drugs do not attack this problem from this angle.

Because of this more and more people the world over have decided to turn to natural cures, herbal medications and home remedies. These not only prove the most effective in achieving real relief within minutes, but also bring about the total elimination of the infection within hours.

Also, the acquiring of the natural ingredients for these remedies is simple and vastly inexpensive, as most people actually already have these natural components within their homes, and can immediately begin treating a sinus infection without antibiotics with effectiveness, speed, and efficient completeness.

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  1. Good article. I especially liked the suggestion that you must alter the environment that the bacteria thrive in rather than attack them directly. Makes sense to me. Thanks.

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