Can You Treat Sinus Infection Without Antibiotics?

Tack­ling a sinus infec­tion with­out antibi­otics seems to be a bet­ter alter­na­tive today. Using antibi­otics just doesn’t seem to cut it for most peo­ple due to the fact of bacteria’s resilience and adapt­abil­ity to almost any­thing we can throw at it.antibiotics for sinus infection

The sit­u­a­tion is like the com­mon cold; there can be no one sin­gle cure for it because of the rate at which bac­te­ria can evolve. Each time a per­son catches a cold from some­one else, it has already devel­oped into a com­pletely dif­fer­ent strain of bac­te­ria than it was when infest­ing the pre­vi­ous host.

For this rea­son alone, treat­ing a sinus infec­tion with­out antibi­otics is just a more log­i­cal approach. Once we have decided to treat a sinus infec­tion with­out antibi­otics, we need to come up with a bet­ter solu­tion. In order to get a firm grip on this most slip­pery of oppo­nents, we should focus not so much on the direct killing of bac­te­ria because there is no one-size-fits-all means of doing so.

What we need to focus on is find­ing what the most com­mon denom­i­na­tor would be to elim­i­nate any and all bac­te­ria involved. That fac­tor would be the envi­ron­ment in which they can thrive. Alter the envi­ron­ment, and the bac­te­ria will find it impos­si­ble to sur­vive. In this way, we can begin to effec­tively start treat­ing a sinus infec­tion with­out antibi­otics. The sad fact, most (if not all) pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions (such as antibi­otics) and over the counter drugs do not attack this prob­lem from this angle.

Because of this more and more peo­ple the world over have decided to turn to nat­ural cures, herbal med­ica­tions and home reme­dies. These not only prove the most effec­tive in achiev­ing real relief within min­utes, but also bring about the total elim­i­na­tion of the infec­tion within hours.

Also, the acquir­ing of the nat­ural ingre­di­ents for these reme­dies is sim­ple and vastly inex­pen­sive, as most peo­ple actu­ally already have these nat­ural com­po­nents within their homes, and can imme­di­ately begin treat­ing a sinus infec­tion with­out antibi­otics with effec­tive­ness, speed, and effi­cient completeness.

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  • Good arti­cle. I espe­cially liked the sug­ges­tion that you must alter the envi­ron­ment that the bac­te­ria thrive in rather than attack them directly. Makes sense to me. Thanks.

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