Nasal Irrigation Can Help Keep Sinuses Cavities Clear Of Mucus and Other Irritants [News Release]

Any person who has to deal with chronic sinus infections understands when one is starting to strike… just by knowing the warning signs of the condition.  Baylor College of Medicine doctors said knowing the warning signs means knowing when to use preventative measures like nasal irrigation. These preventative measures will decrease the symptoms or keep the infection from becoming worse.irrigation of nasal sinus infection

What is nasal irrigation? It’s the cleansing of the nasal cavity using sterile salt water to rinse out any debris or mucus from the nose and sinus cavity.

According to Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at BCM Dr. Mas Takashima, people become susceptible to sinus infections if they’ve recently suffered with a cold or flu or have allergies. These things will cause the nasal passages to become swollen and inflamed, which makes them that much more likely to attain a viral or bacterial infection.

To keep moisture in the nose, flushing it out with saltwater can help the sinuses function right and eliminate thick mucus debris that’s blocking them. The salt has the capability to bring moisture out from these tissues so the mucosa will reduce in sign, which enables a person to breathe easier.  Plus, salt has the natural antibacterial properties along with the ability to combat infections.

Takashima said folks tend to believe that vitamin C will keep them from getting an infection. However, there is no proof that using vitamin C works. Nasal irrigation can easily be done at home and is very beneficial.

There are other home remedies out there that have not been effective in keeping sinus infection at bay: garlic, lysine and Echinacea.  Takashima said many believed those remedies have helped them; but, a person can wash their hands on a regular basis and make a bigger difference.

He said humans carry germs on their hands and, by keeping them clean, you decrease the chance of spreading the bacteria to the sensitive nasal passages. Takashima said any person suffering from a sinus infection should see a specialist before starting a home remedy regimen.


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