Stress Causes Sinusitis? How?

man in stress - sinus infectionA little stress can surely add some spice to life and may also be necessary to keep alert and productive, but too much of stress will eventually cause one to be burned out. Though today’s lifestyle demands a fast paced and hectic schedule to keep up with the flow, high levels of stress when suffered for a continuous period of time will definitely affect your capabilities.

Causes of Stress

It will cause fatigue, weariness and make you irritable and in a short time affect your productivity and efficiency at work. Though the cause of stress can be attributed to our lifestyle and most often to our work schedule, many of us fail to understand that our environment and the type of food that we eat also play a major role in causing stress.

Nowadays, a calm and peaceful life is just a dream to most people. Everyone wants to be ahead of everyone else and this puts a tremendous pressure on their life. A hectic lifestyle becomes the norm and most of us are not able to recognize the initial symptoms of stress and continue our busy life which will lead to serious complications.

Stress results from a combination of psychological, emotional and physical problems. Stress results in fatigue, weariness and anxiety which will eventually affect the emotional state of our mind leading to depression.

Workplace Stress

The main cause of stress today is often related to our job. A workplace can be highly stressful, where you have to be alert and ahead of your competition and prove your capabilities to be successful. If your work involves tasks that are not acceptable to your ethics then it will add to your complications. This scenario often results in an unfriendly work environment which will not only affect your productivity but also add incredible pressure and stress leading to critical health complications like, sleep disorders and depression.

Effects of Stress

Continuous stress can affect your immune and neurological system. It can also affect the endocrine and nervous system. Stress can lead to habits like blowing the nose forcefully and rubbing it frequently. These habits may irritate the nose causing inflammation and even bleeding. When the immune system is affected or lowered the body becomes susceptible to various infections from bacteria and virus.

Experts and specialists have put forward that being under continuous stress can cause infections leading to inflammation of the nasal and sinus membranes. It is a fact that stress affects our health and it is very important to be aware of the problems that can be caused by stress. Avoiding stress can be very simple and if you are not able to prevent it, then there are numerous ways by which you can get help to keep the symptoms from escalating to serious complications.

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  1. Mccluney says:

    i really hate sinusitis, the feeling of having a stuffy nose and headache is really annoying `

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