contagious of sinus infection

Are Sinus Infection Contagious?

We have all expe­ri­enced the awful effects of a cold. We suf­fer through the stuffy nose, achy body, sore throat, and fevers. We feel mis­er­able the whole time. With the chang­ing sea­sons, we know all too well that the cold tends to hit us dur­ing the fall or win­ter months. There are mil­lions of peo­ple on this earth, and unless you are myso­pho­bic (pho­bia of germs), you can­not really avoid pick­ing up this awful virus.

Fact #1: You can pass on the cold virus the entire time that you are sick.

This germ is fairly resilient once you have got­ten sick. It uses your body to mutate into an entirely dif­fer­ent strain. For the whole time that you are sick, it can be passed to oth­ers through your body flu­ids and breath­ing.

Every time you couch or sneeze, you are send­ing mil­lions of micro­scopic copies of this virus into the air that you share with the other peo­ple around you. Every­thing that you touch becomes a rest­ing place for the virus, until some­one else comes along and picks it up. It is impor­tant that you take extra mea­sure to keep other peo­ple from catch­ing your cold.

Fact # 2: Not every­one has the same symp­toms or the same degree to symptoms.

Every per­son has dif­fer­ent bod­ily aspects that con­trol just how affected they become by the cold virus. There are some peo­ple who have higher immune sys­tem defenses which pre­vent them from feel­ing the full effects of a cold. Other, how­ever, can­not fight this virus off as well and will often be stuck in bed for days. The same aspects also con­trol how long you stay sick.

Fact #3: There are many dif­fer­ent herbal reme­dies that can help you fight the symp­toms of a cold.

Since there really is no cure for a cold except to let it run its course and let your body get rid of it, you should con­cen­trate your efforts on con­trol­ling the symp­toms so that you are not nearly as mis­er­able. Herbal reme­dies work great in com­par­i­son with many over-the-counter prod­ucts. Most over-the-counter treat­ments cause exces­sive drowsi­ness.

Herbal reme­dies, on the other hand, do not usu­ally have any side effects. You can try some hot teas with a lit­tle honey added to help your sore throat and couch­ing. The tea can also help you to relax a lit­tle bet­ter. For stuffy noses, sim­ple steam from water can help. You can also add a lit­tle mint extract to the water to help aid your breath­ing. The mint will help relieve con­ges­tion in your chest and nasal cav­i­ties.

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