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Antibiotics Don’t Help In The Treatment Of Sinus Infections [ News Release ]

According to St. Louis’ Washington University School of Medicine investigators, antibiotics are not any better than inactive placebos to lessen the symptoms people feel from sinus infections. Otolaryngology professor Dr. Jay F. Piccirillo said patients are not getting any better … Continue reading

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Sinus Infection and Dizziness – How?

Sinusitis is inflammation of one or more sinuses. Sinusitis is usually associated with allergies and Dizziness. The usual causes of this problem are high BP, head injury, pollen, mold, dust or any food allergies having, high capability to affect a … Continue reading

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Acute Sinusitis: How It Affects The Human Body and How You Can Prevent It [ News Release ]

You may not realize it but sinusitis tends to result in emotional anguish, causing a disruption to normal activity routines. This is especially true if the sinusitis has spread to the brain, as an infection can be fatal.  With the … Continue reading

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Sinus Infection Headache – Your Sinus Infection Help

The most common and worst affliction of sinus is headaches. Sometimes sinuses leads to severe headache with unbearable pain.  But even if the pain is not severe it still is a constant buzz in our head that will affect our … Continue reading

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Massage Therapy Helps Sinus Infection Sufferers?

“Discover four different techniques that massage therapists can utilize to help decrease the pain, pressure and congestion characteristic of chronic sinusitis.” Read more here … Technorati Tags: massage therapy, sinus and massage, sinusitis

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