The Sinus Doctor – The Sinus Infection Discovery Candid Review – Top Recommendation

Are you searching Google for sinus infection and you want to know of a safe, easy and permanant solution? We have tested close to a dozen guides & solutions across the web, and these top 3 did seem to have the best response from most people (it’s also very cheap and easy to follow).

Take your time to read through our reviews on the bottom when picking up a guide. We hope that these unbiased and independant reviews will help you make an informed decision on which solutions to choose from.

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Product Overview:

The Sinus Doctor Treatment is a sinus cure discovered by Joe Johnson who was a chronic sinus sufferer. With years of meticulous study and research he discovered three plant extracts that he claims will give sinus relief in just 3 days. Joe Johnson claims that his natural remedy will permanently cure about 90% of your sinus pain and congestion. He also guarantees that you can start to see results after using this treatment just twice.

The sinus doctor treatment is an all natural remedy obtained from plant extracts. Joe further claims that with continued use his remedy will destroy all the symptoms of any kind of sinus infection, including severe sinus infection that needs surgical solutions. This remedy is fast acting and improves your general health as it heals your sinus infection permanently without any side effects.


Actual Consumer Feedback:

“Well …. I am amazed, astonished and astounded by its results and I have only been using for 3 days….I have told friends and even given a 3-day supply to a friend whom I hope this will also clear her nose too. To this end, I am eternally grateful to you guys for making me be able to breathe again and this week I will be able to go on holiday and able to enjoy it.

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“I bought your ‘New Breakthrough Sinus Infection Relief Treatment Handbook’ package just last week and I had to drop you a line to say Wow! Just as I was watching my Sinusitis come back again, you came along and saved me. I followed your simple advice and after only three hours I could feel the difference. After seven days it’s all but gone. Thanks for a fantastic product!”

(Actual portion of user testimonial taken from

“Seriously — this stuff TOTALLY blows away anything similar to it, and I can tell you right now – using your simple treatment (& the concepts within using them), integrated into my life, I fully expect to be the healthiest I have ever been in my whole life! “Incredible” is a gross understatement, Joseph! I can’t thank you enough for this!”

(Actual portion of user testimonial taken from


Company Information: Fullpoint Health Products


President: Joe Johnson.




Company Website:


Price: $92


Money Back Guarantee: 90 day 100% risk free money back guarantee.


Bonuses: You will also get the following for free when you purchase the product  for a limited time.

  1. How To Use Sinus Doctor (Video Value $47)
  2. Mother Natures Most Powerful Antibiotics (Video Value $47)
  3. How To Protect You and Your Family From Coughs, Colds and Flu- And Get A Great Nights Sleep! (Video Value $47)
  4. Health-The Secret Of Happiness(Value $37)
  5. 365 Daily Success Quotes(Value $37)
  6. Look Great- Feel Great (Value $ 37)
  7. Original Breakthrough Sinus Relief Manual (Value $45)
  8. Sinus Doctor Treatment
  9. 3 Sinus Secrets Videos Package
  10. 3 Health Reports
  11. The authors International Best Selling Sinus Infection Discovery e-book

Total Value $327.00


Star Rating: 4stars-yellow


Verdict: The Sinus Doctor Treatment is a fairly new all natural remedy obtained from plant extracts that gives permanent relief to chronic sinus infection. Though the claims for cure in just 3 days seems far-fetched, there is no harm in trying the remedy as it is free from side effects and comes backed up with a money back guarantee.


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5 Responses to The Sinus Doctor – The Sinus Infection Discovery Candid Review – Top Recommendation

  1. Gasparina Apthorpe says:

    I have ordered 3 bottles of sinus drops but i did not get any instructions. I did not receive any bonuses. Please send me instructions how to used it. thanks

  2. admin says:

    Try to contact them again. I’m sure they will sort out the issue nicely.

  3. gilbert ochoa says:

    can i order your treatment by mail? i live in texas

  4. admin says:

    Yes, you can. They ship to all us states.

  5. Allison Brown says:

    I just ordered the sinus relief treatment and now waiting for the delivery. Thanks again for your recommendation. Cheers!

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